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Street legal racing с чего собирать двигатель

Street Legal Racing: Redline

#1 Lanckaster

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    • Город Никополь(UA)

    Итак, некоторое время назад зацепила сия игруля, следует отметить, что она довольно старая(2003г.), но существует много модификаций к ней с новыми, реально существующими машинами.

    Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/7
    Процессор: Intel Dual Core/ Athlon 64 X2
    Оперативная память: 2GB
    Место на жестком диске: 6GB
    Звуковое устройство: совместимое с DirectX 9.0
    Видеокарта: 512 MB(совместима с DirectX 9.0)

    Игра предлагает влезть в шкуру простого механика-самоучки, самозабвенно конструирующего машину своей мечты. Разумеется не только конструирующего, но и гоняющего по тест-трекам и безумным городским гонкам, зарабатывая престиж и хрустящие зеленые бумажки. В игре Вы можете собрать свою машину начиная с голого кузова и до готового гоночного монстра с помощью сотен запчастей, которые имеют всевозможные настройки.

    Сам играю на моде SLRR by Jack V2 Pre-Release 4 , следует отметить что это самый работоспособный, комфортный и наименее баговый мод, единственный минус- полная англоязычность.

    Ссылочки на скачку: e_4/37-1-0-2622 — мод by Jack v2 Pre-release 4 (самостоятельный клиент игры, не нужно ни на что ставить сверху) неплохой сайт с модификациями(машины и запчасти, также есть гайды по установке всего этого)
    Также можно качать с любого комфортного ресурса, гугль рулит

    Чуток скринов:

    И в конце хотел бы сказать, ни в коем случае не попадайте в аварии:

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    В 20 все только начинается (с)
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    #4 BeerMaker

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    #5 Lanckaster

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    • Город Никополь(UA)

    ебать какое старье откопал, я в это классе в 9 рубился, а я уже 7 лет как бросил

    Striking features of the DTM racing car-inspired exterior design.

    The BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition 2016 is exclusively available in alpine white. The additional foiling pays homage in its design and moulding to the look of BMW Motorsport DTM racing car, and emphasises at first glance the edition model’s close relationship with the brand’s successes in the world’s most popular line of international touring cars. The various carbon-fibre aerodynamic components also contribute to the distinctive racing-car appearance. These include the front splitter, the aero-flicks positioned ahead of the front wheel arches, wing mirror caps, side skirt extensions, rear diffuser and the large rear spoiler fixed to the trunk lid.

    A pure motorsport aura in the elegantly sleek interior.

    Driver and co-driver settle into the interior of the two-seater BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition 2016 on M carbon bucket seats, exclusively upholstered in Alcantara merino leather. The whole interior is also kitted out with the especially high-quality Alcantara cover material, also used on the M sports steering wheel with 12-hour marking in grey. Instead of rear seating, behind the front seats of the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition there’s a roll bar fitted in white.

    When it comes to comfort and safety, the edition model’s features are anything but spartan. Among other fittings, the model is delivered complete with the BMW Professional navigation system, air conditioning, adaptive LED headlights with BMW Selective Beam (a glare-free, high-beam assistant), organic LED taillights, Park Distance Control (PDC) at the front and rear, as well as automatically anti-dazzle interior and exterior mirrors.

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    This Street-Legal Porsche Prototype Started Life as a Le Mans-Grade Race Car. Now It Can Be Yours.

    Bryan Hood

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    • This Street-Legal Porsche Prototype Started Life as a Le Mans-Grade Race Car. Now It Can Be Yours.
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    You could soon own a street-legal version of the car that helped Porsche own endurance racing during the ‘80s and early ‘90s.

    An ultra-rare 1991 Porsche Koenig Specials C62 was just listed for sale on Issimi. The outrageous-looking speed machine may not be in mint condition, but it’s hard to think of a better car in which to recreate the feeling of racing at Le Mans.

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    Porsche racers took home the top prize at the 24 Hours of Le Mans every year from 1981 and 1987. Much of this dominance can be traced to two cars, the 956 and its successor, the 962. Although the 962 didn’t take home as many checkered flags at the race as its predecessor (the 956 was responsible for four wins, and the 962 claimed two), it was a genuine force until rule changes brought its time to an end. With its racing days behind it, Porsche let a handful of companies, including Koenig, convert the remaining 962 prototypes for street use.

    Koening, the German tuner, has a tendency to take a high-performance vehicle like the Ferrari Testarosa and make it even more extreme. And sure enough, that’s exactly what the shop did with the C62. Although it looks identical to the race car, it was completely re-engineered for street driving and to meet German government regulations, according to the listing. In fact, there is not a single shared body panel between the two vehicles.

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    Inside the Porsche Koenig Specials C62 Issimi

    Underneath the C62’s rear-positioned engine lid, you’ll find a 3.4-liter twin-turbocharged flat-six. That mill is mated to a five-speed manual transmission that sends power to the rear axle and can generate 550 hp, a number that was verified as recently as 2019. The car’s suspension has been completely redone and fitted with softer springs and dampers, while its racing-style brakes now feature more street-oriented pads.

    1991 Porsche Koenig Specials C62 Issimi

    Koenig had dreams of building 30 C62s, but only ended up producing three, of which this is the second. Since being completed in 1992, it’s spent much of its time in Japan, where it passed through a number of collector’s hands. Its current owner purchased it in 2019 and had it imported to the US. It’s been well-maintained and has just 1,555 miles on the odometer but, as Jalopnik points out, its body hasn’t been restored, which means there are some signs of wear and tear, like scrapes and chips.

    Most surprising of all about this listing is the price tag: $995,000. While certainly not accessible, it’s less than the $1,030,000 the car cost brand new (which would be over $2 million in today’s money). It’s hard to call a car with a high-six-figure sticker price a bargain, but this actually might be just that.

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